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What is doktor yoga?

doktor yoga offers modern, dynamic vinyasa flow yoga in Vienna - both for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. The goal of doktor yoga is to change the public perception of yoga and make it attractive for people who wouldn't have set foot in a studio before. doktor yoga creates a new way of moving that flows with ease and equanimity rather than pressure.

The founder of doctor yoga, Mag. Viktoria Ecker, is a certified yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance) and holds a degree in International Business Administration and a CEMS Master of International Management ( both from the Vienna University of Economics) . Click here to learn more about the yoga style of doktor yoga. 

Viktoria Ecker in 2 sentences:

I live yoga dynamically and passionately.
I teach yoga with humour and affection.
— Martin, Vienna

All about Viktoria

A life as multifaceted as yoga: I've been a model, worked in business, been an entrepreneur and an actress. Those diverse experiences keep showing me new and exciting ways of life. Whether you have a "traditional" or a "creative" job - four things are critical: passion, fun, full commitment, and enjoying working with people. So it didn't come as a surprise that I was able to deepen my passion for yoga with the help of acclaimed international teachers to the point that I can now make a living solely through yoga. I have been a certified  yoga instructor since 2011 (Yoga Alliance YA) and share my passion and knowledge with my students. My broad know-how and professional experience help me identify and understand my students' needs in order to find the right kind of "yoga-training" for them as individuals.



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