Answers to frequently asked questions

  • All tickets (10-class passes and unlimited passes) are valid for all classes in the schedule. 
  • On Holidays the Sunday schedule kicks in.
  • Our studio opens 20 minutes before class. During class, we lock the door - thus, late-comers can't join in anymore... we kindly ask you for your understanding.
  • No Pre-registration necessary: just show up for class.
  • If you are new to yoga please come to Basic of Relax classes at first. Open classes are for students with a little more experience.

" Is yoga right for me ? "

Yes! If you...

  • think you're immobile and want to be more flexible.
  • want to improve your strength and endurance.
  • seek for better concentration in your job and everyday life.
  • want to release your neck and shoulders.  
  • look for balance in your stressful job and everyday life.
  • want to expand your own boundaries.
  • want to improve your body awareness
  • want to improve your posture
  • be able to cope with stressful situations
  • want to learn how to relax
  • were already exhausted halfway through this check- list ;- )

I 've never done yoga: can I come to a doctor yoga class?

A: Sure! There is a first time for everything. You can come to any class - even without registration! doctor yoga classes are designed so that everyone can chose poses according to her/his level. The motto is: Every body is different and thus yoga poses should be adapted to the body (not the other way round).

I 'm rather inflexible -  am I going to "embarass" myself in class?

A: No, absolutely not! You feel a bit stiff? Give yourself a nudge and come to class! It is high time that you the relaxed atmosphere of my class schnupperst. I assure you: The person on the mat next to you does not give a damn about what you doing cause she/he only focuses on her/himelf. No one cares if you can touch your toes or not ;- ) Yoga is not a competition: most importantly, the focus is inward, on yourself. How the position feels is more important than how it looks. it feels a position. You'll leave class feeling better, full of fresh energy and moving with more ease than before. 

I have back problems: is yoga right for me ?

A: Yes - if the back problems are not acute. Even with a herniated disc can - and should ! - Do you practice yoga. With yoga you strengthen your core muscles before and hast brought further injury . Annoying pain from back tension that interfere with the well-being in everyday life sensitive , are attained by yoga usually quickly . Yoga helps just as excellent prevention . It's Free to acute pain (eg suspected acute herniated disc ) , please consult a doctor before you come to class .

I have knee problems: is yoga right for me?

A: Yes. I myself get my knee problems with yoga in the handle : 1 Through yoga positions the leg muscles that stabilize the knee , strengthened. 2 deformities of the feet and hips - which are often causes of knee problems - be corrected. But it is caution. " Knee Intensive" positions such as the lotus position should be avoided (den braucht aber ehrlich gesagt eh niemand für ein glückliches Leben ;-).

What do I need for a yoga class?

A: Comfortable sports wear (not too wide and not too tight) , a towel (not too tiny) and drinking water.

Do I need my own yoga mat?

A: No, you can rent a mat. We have high quality yoga mats from Manduka ( rental: 1 eur) . If you practice regularly or / and at home, getting your own mat is recommended. Our mats get cleaned after each use, but most regular students prefer having their own personal mat.

Are there only women in a doctor yoga class?

A: No, of course not. On average, 30% of the students are men.

What does a doctor yoga class cost?

A: Single Class: 15 ( 13 for students) , 10-class-book: 130 ( 110) - Applies to the open classes on Mondays 18:30-19:45 ( Sensengasse 5 , 9th district ) and Tuesday 20:00-21:15 ( Bauernmarkt 24/36 , 1st district ) , valid for 1 year. You can pay cash on the spot or in the online store.

What about singing and music in a doctor yoga class?

A: Music yes (click here for a sample playlist), singing no (unless you feel like it, then go for it and sing along ;-). My playlists are modern, quiet yet strong, and range from electronics to oldies to classical music .

Yoga is exhausting?

A: There are different yoga styles, ranging from dynamic and sweaty to calm and chilled. The style you'll find in doctor yoga classes is dynamic, flowing, rather exhausting yet calm and relaxing. That is, you'll probably break a sweat but you'll leave class feeling calm and relaxed. Yoga means finding the right balance: challenging sequences are followed by a relaxed finish. Challenge and relaxation - you 'll love both ; -)

Do I need to be fit to go to a doctor yoga class?

A: No, you need not be a sports freak to come to my classes. You should enjoy moving and have fun learning something new and be challenged sometimes.