For the schedule in the 7th district, MyClubs and FAQs please scroll down!

Online Reservation: Please Note!

  • Reservations are not necessary but available for those interested in securing their spot in a class.
  • Reservations and cancellations are possible until 1 hour before the class starts
  • You must have a valid class pass to reserve your slot. (i.e 10-class-block, trial month
  • Please use the same email address that your receipt was sent to when reserving a class.
  • Cancellations are necessary for unattended classes. Please cancel your reservation online up to 1 hour before class (No cancellations can be accepted over e-mail or telephone!), otherwise we block you from the online reservation for the future.  


Do I have to reserve a spot ? No, you can just drop in to our classes. We open 20 minutes before a class. Online-reservation is possible for all classes. If you are coming to class a bit later than 20 minutes before the class starts, sometimes a reservation is recommended - especially for all classes Mon-Wed at 18:15 in the 1st district studio.

I’m coming for the first time, what should I expect? Here is our new yogi information.

What schedule applies to national holidays? We are open 363 days a year (closing only on Dec 25th and Jan 1st). You find all classes in the class schedule above.

Can I take classes at both studios with my pass? Yes, we are happy to accept every pass at both locations. 

When does the studio open? At least 20 minutes before every class.

What kind of yoga is taught at doktor yoga? Check out the information to the right on this page >>

As a beginner, can I come to an open class? Yes, you can :-) We suggest that you attend about 30 basic classed before you only attend open classes.


Reservations are not necessary for MyClubs members. Passes are purchased at the studio. The MyClubs classes are to be attended on a drop-in basis for members and are usually not full.

Note! Not all classes are available to MyClubs members! The holiday schedule is used for holiday classes. The schedule on our website is valid before the one at My Clubs. Visitor mat costs 1€.

Class Descriptions

  • Basic: The doktor yoga basic flow class, ideal for beginners i.e. “Vinyasa Flow, level 1”
  • Open: “Vinyasa Flow” open to all from beginners to advanced yogis (level 1-3)
  • Open XL: “Vinyasa Flow” 2 hour class on Sundays. More time for explanations, breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Relax: Restorative and Yin yoga (all levels)

The doktor yoga style

At our studios you will find playful and physically demanding yoga with a bit humour mixed in (comparable to Vinyasa Flow Yoga) We give you options for all-level exercises and you make it yours, only doing what feels good for you. (For instance, you may try a handstand, but you may also choose to relax and stay seated). You are the boss!

Discovering new movements and sensations, that's what keeps the body relaxed and fit. Every class offers something new - this approach becomes more than just routine, it helps you to see new sides of yourself. 

Options and variations of poses:
You shouldn’t strain to fit the position, the position should work for your body. Every body is different. 

Normal room temperature:
Feel your hidden power, have new experiences, relax deeply. Sweating is both freeing and beneficial when you are engaged and enjoying the intensity of the activity. Forced sweating in heated rooms cannot come close to the feeling of being present with every pore of your body in harmony.