First Visit

First visit                       € 5
30 days trial month   € 50
(option to combine)


Visitors mat or towel € 1

Per class

Drop-in class (60-75 min)           € 19 / € 16*
Drop-in class  (90-120 min)         € 21 / € 19*
10-class-book  € 150 / € 130*     (valid for 3 years)

*discounts are available for students (until & including 25y) pensioners (pass) and yoga teachers (YA certificated)


30 days             € 110 / € 100*
90 days**       € 295 / € 260*

Subscription (minimum 1 year)**  € 85 / € 75* per month
(booked monthly via direct debit)

** includes mat storage (please bring a bag and add a name tag)

first visit offer:
1st class € 5 + 30 days € 50

The first visit offer is dedicated to new customers only and can be combined. Rental mat € 1.

Trial month discount (for purchases during the trial month) :

  • -10% for blocks of 10, 30 or 90 days

  • 1st month of yearly subscription free



Which “pass” fits to me?

If you visit us once per week, then the 10-class-block is the best fit for you.

If you visit us more than once per week, an unlimited pass is your best choice (30 days, 90 days, subscription).


Are monthly cards valid from the start of the month? No, all passes are valid from the first visit or on the desired subscription starting date. 

What’s the yoga mat situation at the studio? There are manduka rental mats in the studio (€ 1 per use). Subscribers and 90-day-pass holders are welcome to store their mats free of charge at the studio (please use a yoga mat bag and name tag).

Can I transfer or freeze my pass? Unfortunately not. Passes are issued to one person and can’t be frozen, transferred to anyone else, or extended. The only exception is a subscription: you can freeze your subscription for a monthly fee of € 15.

I have a 10-class-block. Can I buy an unlimited class pass during that time? Yes. You can pause your 10-class-book while you use your unlimited pass.