" Is yoga right for me ? "

Yes! If you...

  • want to be more flexible.

  • want to increase your strength and endurance .

  • want to improve your ability to concentrate on the job and in everyday life.
  • want to release tension in your neck and shoulders.
  • are looking to balance your demanding job and everyday life.
  • want to go beyond your boundaries.
  • want to improve body awareness.
  • want to improve posture
  • be able to better cope with stressful situations.
  • want to learn to relax
  • were already exhausted halfway through this check- list ;- )

What is Yoga ? A new yoghurt drink ?

The shortest and most exciting way to yourself. Yoga - you've kind of heard of it. You're supposed to do it ... but how?

The little ABCD of yoga:

  1. AWARENESS & ACTIONyoga gets you moving, brings about change and helps "break" bad habits.

  2. BREATH is the magic word if you want to calm down. In yoga, the alignment of breath and movement is a simple, yet highly effective tool to raise awareness and relaxation.

  3. CHILL: Yoga makes your mind calm down and increases your ability to concentrate - so you experience your everyday life much more intensely.

  4. DYNAMIC: Yoga is fun, challenging and boosts self-confidence !