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Workshop-Wochenende mit Marc Laws

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Marc Laws kommt zurück und diesmal wieder für ein ganzes Wochenende!
Er ist bekannt für seinen lockeren und kreativen Unterrichtsstil sowie seine Leidenschaft für Inversions und Arm Balances. Mit in der Tasche hat er diesmal drei verschiedene Workshops. 

Der energiegeladene US-Amerikaner mit Wahlheimat London unterrichtet seine Workshops auf Englisch! 


Flipping Perspective (hand-balances) 
Samstag 14-16 Uhr

Inversions for the benefits: good for blood flow, the brain and organs, known for decreasing stress. With the awesome benefits, aside I find inversions a very powerful pose in yoga asana. Most students would tell me that they may not be strong enough and that they'll never be able to do one. This is rarely true... we see kids doing it all the time on the playground and possibly at one point that used to be us as a child. One of the biggest factors to conquer in inversions is fear. A state of mind. In life, we hold ourselves back with fear and sometimes never take on what we truly want in life because of this strong sense of fear that arises. The beauty of inversions is that it can serve as a catalyst to conquer fear and seeing it for what it is... an illusion. But first we need to get out of our own way to get past these ideas of fear so we can move forward with the power within ourselves. I'm not saying fear can't be of service sometimes and that it’s easy to overcome. Inversions is an opportunity to see our fears and use play to approach it and possibly see past it. In this workshop, not only will we look at fear but we will look at how the foundation of yoga asana poses, transitions and sequences such as sun salutations, build up to a strong inversion practice. 


True Power
Samstag 17-19 Uhr

To build your true strength we need to look into more than just the physical. With focus on every aspect of strength with highly targeted movement complexes, power of breathing and mentality. This workshop focuses on all areas simultaneously and progressively by combining dynamic movement complexes with static holds, breathing techniques and keys to creating new brain patterns that enables one to tap in to a higher source of energy. Using mixed arts of concentration, play and restorative exercises we will explore a new level of potential. You may even surprise yourself. 


Backbends + Bandhas with Mark Laws and Amanda Noga
Sonntag 14-17 Uhr

Have you had the experience of feeling LIGHT in your backbends? If not, I want to share with you, the key to activating the most expansive family of asana. And it’s all about bandhas. In this 3 hour immersion. we will unpack the 3 key bandhas for yoga and pranayama; 
Moola bandha, Udyana bandha and Jalandhara bandha (pelvic floor, navel + chin)
How they transform our practice into feeling energizing and light as well as utilizing them while ‘in the flow’

The physical focus will begin with preparing the body for backbending with abdominal and core activation and then moving progressively into deeper backbends as we build strength and free up tension from the spine. We will close with forward bending counter-asana to restore balance.


Wo? doktor yoga Studio1, Passauer Platz 2/7, 1010 Wien

Wann? Sa 25. und So 26. August 2018, 

2h Workshop: 35€
3h Workshop: 50€
ganzes Wochenende: 108€

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