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Answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Our classes are usually held in German but we all speak English as well. Thus you can join any class and ask the teacher to kindly switch to English for you.

  • Jazz and Sara teach in English only.

  • On Holidays we are open with a special holiday schedule.

  • Our studio opens at least 20 minutes before class. During class, we lock the door - thus, late-comers can't join in anymore... we kindly ask you for your understanding.

  • No Pre-registration necessary: just show up for class. However, you can register (recommendable for evening classes as they tend to fill up quickly).

  • If you are new to yoga please come to Basic, Gentle or Relax classes at first. Open classes are for students with a little more experience.


Our classes


Open is the standard class for all levels - Viktoria’s routine class, for those already familiar with it. A modern Vinyasa flow with lots of variation and fun, with poses for beginners to advanced. The dynamic sequences will have you working up a sweat and challenge you, while keeping it light and good-natured. 

The open class is customised to your daily schedule: shorter in the mornings and at midday (50-60min), and longer in the evenings and weekends when you have more time for yoga (75-120min) 

If you are a newcomer to yoga we recommend you come to a few of our BASIC classes before attending our Open classes.


This is our introduction to the basics of yoga. You will be taken through some of the basic poses and breathing exercises. If you're new to yoga we recommend you to take about 5 - 10 Basic classes and then alternate between basic and open classes.


Perfect for beginners and seniors, 'gentle' classes are more hatha inspired and thus less dynamic than 'open' and 'basic' classes.


Relax classes are a combination of Yin Yoga (relatively long, relaxed poses) with breathing and meditation exercises. They are suitable for all levels (including beginners). The aim is to fully relax without any physical strain, making the relax classes a perfect complement to the open and basic classes for a harmoniously balanced week. Tip: Open and relax classes are a great combination, and can be done back-to-back.

What awaits you at a doktor yoga class?

Sessions are dynamic, playful, flowing - yet still calming and laid back. There are some great yoga instructors out there, but this very personalised approach we've created might be just right for you. doktor yoga style is characterised by:

VARIETY: every doktor yoga class is slightly different, so you can learn something new and challenging while you get fit and relaxed. Yoga doesn't become a routine but rather a continuous journey of discovery, in which you can keep diving deeper.

OPTIONS and VARIATIONS of poses: the pose should adapt to your body - not your body to the pose (you might get hurt!). Everyone of us is different and unique and this is accounted for in doktor yoga classes by offering different options for poses.

NORMAL ROOM TEMPERATURE: Feel hidden energy, discover something new and experience deep relaxation. Sweating means liberation and refreshment at the same time. In order to reach that, a normal, cozy room temperature is perfect, as excessive heat causes stress and makes it hard to focus.

MODERN MUSIC:  Music is fuel for body & spirit! Whether it's pop, lounge jazz or easy electronic - music relaxes, inspires and boosts our energy. Music is pure emotion - so it's a perfect match for yoga.